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January 2023 - We Have Our Assignment!

January 2023

1. We just wrapped up MPD, which was further financial training, how to be stewards with have and our financial partners.

2. We got to attend the annual OM Conference - we had an absolute blast! All the replays are available on Youtube.

3. We also got to attend our very first staff retreat, which was amazing to connect with other OM Missionaries from different countries and assignments. it was a;; life giving and we feel ready to jump into this new assignment (pictures below)

4. We wil be reaching out to connect with you soon! Theres so much in our hearts and what Overland as a whole is doing we can’t wait to invite you into it!

The Dream Team!

Meet the World Headquarters Team. These are the folks working behind the sense, advancing our fellow missionaries on the ground. Without this team Overland Missions couldn’t operate on the level that it is. These guys are waiting for us to further expand our footprint in the nations.


Our MPD class - fellow missionaries starting their adventure with the Lord. Pray for these guys, we’ve had the amazing privilege of seeing them grow and go deeper with the Lord. We can't wait to see of them fully funded and in their assignment.

The kids getting gelato at our staff retreat

Dinner at Staff retreat with some of our favs!

During conference our RV was full of people hanging out between sessions and breaking bread together. Some of my favorite times during conference!

Phil sharing on day 1 of conference



  • Our marriage, that its covered and guarded by the Lord

  • Jace, Judah, and Ben to continue encountering Jesus in new ways

  • Wisdom, insight and divine connections as we begin to support raise

  • We are currently believing that the kids will be accepted into Meritt Island Christian school for the 2023/2024 school year, there are alot of little details that make this happen. Would you just be in agreement that we meet the criteria and deadlines etc..

  • For our fellow staff members who are also in their support raising season, for encouragement and funds to come in

  • For Overland Staff as a whole as we expand and grow as an organization


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