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March 2023 - Abide in the Vine.

In this season we are truly learning what it means to live abiding in the vine, There are so many victories that we have walked through over the last few weeks! I can honestly say I’ve never seen the Lord move on our behalf as much as he has in the last year or so. Since we said yes to laying down our life and giving it to the great commission we’ve been blown away by what God can do with a little tiny yes from our hearts.

I think it’s romanticized what missionaries do and how they live. We are just normal people, get up and put our pants on one leg at a time. We’ve just made it our life goal to be ministers of the Gospel, that’s in the Starbucks coffee line, the grocery store check out, and everyday communication with people everywhere we go. Yes, the price has been high in our worldly standards but the prize is GREAT! It’s like living in a perpetual trust fall with the Lord. Every morning we purpose it in our hearts to say yes again! In full dependance and confidence that he has hemed us in and cares for all our needs.


March Has Been A Month of Preparation & Transition.

We made a quick trip down to Florida to streamline some logistics to prepare for us to move down full time! Along the way we had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones!

We visited the kids new school, where we had a family interview and the kids did assessment tests for their grade levels. PRAISE REPORT!! We got fantastic news this week that Jace and Judah got accepted to Merritt Island Christian School and Ben is on the wait list for their Pre-K. So we are just believing that a spot will open up for him!

We hung out at the World Headquarters for a few days, got to connect with other Overlanders which was a lot of fun!

We’ve packed up our RV and prepped it to be sold, since our assignment is in the US. We have came to the conclusion it was not a necessary debt. We are so blessed, we already have a home waiting for us in Florida!

We got our budget finalized and now know what we need to be fully funded and in our assignment. We are excited to annouce that we are 33% funded! Which is amazing, we are in anticipation for what is ahead.

While we were in Florida this month, Judah turned 7. This is her birthday lunch after some play on the beach.


The kids doing their assessment testing at their new school!


Recon’s and Expeditions

This is a part of reaching new areas with the Gospel in places that Overland has never been before. And possibly where they have never heard the gospel at all.

Our expeditions teams launch in a few months for short term trips to several different nations including: Angola, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Middle East, Mozambique, Nigeria, Southeast Asia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Interested in going on a short term mission trip?

Our expedition teams are gearing up to head out this year to different countries all over the world. This is open to anyone, click below to check it out.



  • Our marriage, that its covered and guarded by the Lord

  • Jace, Judah, and Ben to continue encountering Jesus in new ways

  • That our support raising season would be fruitful and quick, to be able to get to our assignment soon

  • Our Expedition teams launch soon (these are our short term teams), please pray that the spots fill up with people to be able to make a greater impact on the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

  • Wisdom, insight and divine connections as we continue to invite folks to our team

  • For our fellow staff members who are also in their support raising season, for encouragement and funds to come in quickly

  • For Overland Staff as a whole as we expand and grow as an organization

  • The King of Kings Center to be fully funded and built on our Rapid 14 base

  • Overlands Airplane to be fully funded and purchased this year


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