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September, October, November, oh my!

We have personally put our hands too many things in the passing months, we have hosted our other missionary friends passing through, had a few birthdays including Brandon and Jace, celebrated bridal nuptials, attended school ceremonies and festivals. Got through our first holiday away from friends and family. It has kinda been a whirlwind, time seems to be racing by.

We have been on a very steep learning curve in our roles in the World Headquarters. Brandon and I, along with the entire WHQ team are entering into a very busy season as we wind down 2023. This comes with many time senstive logistics for the World headquarters. Many folks are flying back to America for their FPR season, our annual conference, and staff retreat. For the WHQ team this means being readily available for any of our people around the world, with whatever they need.

What's Happening Around The World

This is a testimony of faithfulness. Not only the faithfulness of Overland sticking with a people and a place but of a faithfulness of the Lord and his kindness to allow Overland to work along side some of these precious people.

Zambia Chaplaincy Program

"After 20 years without a chief, last week His Royal Highness Chief Musokotwane took his throne (Seated Middle). Our team started their 2 week trip of visiting chiefs with congratulating him on a victory to a 20 year endeavor.

Our conversation with him nearly made me cry. He said “For the past 20 years, many people wouldn’t work in Musokotwane Chiefdom because there was no chief. That never made since to me because even though there wasn’t a chief, there still is the five hundred thousand that are in my chiefdom. However, Overland Missions has always been there. Since my people were young children, and now they have children of their own, they haven’t known a chief but they have known Overland Missions. For that, we are thankful.”

The chief is an incredible man, and he will be sending a chaplain to be trained soon. I’m thrilled that this is the start of a wonderful relationship that will last decades to come.

Water Projects

"Ben W, head of water projects, recently trained twelve more people in how to effectively repair boreholes. A typical borehole in a Zambian village provides clean water for anywhere between 250 to 1000 people.

Currently there are 50 people trained to sustain clean water to the people of Zambia and 70 wells have been repaired this year!"

SouthEast Asia

“Every single missionary we've talked to in this part of SE Asia has said, ‘If you go there, you will be arrested within days and banned from the country for preaching the Gospel.’ We don't know one missionary here who does work in the north, as most are too fearful of what the consequences could be. We learned early on to ignore what everyone else is saying, because they simply aren't called to do what the Lord has told us to do. You have to do what God has given you the vision for and not let people's opinions dictate what's in your heart! We have the faith to not live in fear and to reach the most unreached people no matter the cost,” missionaries in SE Asia.

Expeditions - Uganda & Mozambique

Sometimes on our expeditions, there are unexpected opportunities to share the gospel to mass audiences. In this specific instance in Uganda, the Lord opened doors for the team to meet influential people in the community. The team was also given an opportunity to be live on radio sharing about the love of Jesus!

“When our team first arrived to Uganda, we had very limited connections. By the end of the expedition, we were preaching the Gospel on the radio stations. When we finished, the phone was ringing off the hook with people wanting to receive Jesus as Lord!”

— Kyla , expedition leader

Mozambique is beautiful in every way. Full of rich culture and people that the Lord loves dearly. It was an honor for the expedition team to have the opportunity to serve in the community of Mahirimbani village and share the simplicity of the gospel.

“Like he always does, God moved powerfully in this village. Many people were saved healed, and set free from the stronghold of witchcraft. Leading a group of SEU students was so much fun as we brought the kingdom of heaven down to earth.”

— Gab, expedition leader

What's coming down the pipeline


We are about to receive our freshly graduated AMT students, who will now begin their MPD (ministry and partner development) season. I believe we will be receiving over 40 new missionaries, pray for these guys as they meet with friends, churches and family to join their support team, as they share the vision of their assignment. We have so many new countries opening up for Overland to preach the Gospel in, however we can not effectively do this without people on the ground.

Overland Missions Conference

We will be hosting our annual conference In Jacksonville Florida, on January 10th-13th. This event is completely free to anyone. This is a time where we come together and get refreshed in the word, share what is happening in all of the countries we are working in, and catch vision for what God is doing in the nations. Come, we would love to see you!

Staff Retreat

We are so looking forward to staff retreat this year. This is where we personally get to connect with our friends and fellow missionaries from all over the world. We get to have meals together, our kiddos play with their friends they haven't seen in a year, connect and build relationships. As our staff grows so rapidly this is a prime opportunity to meet folks we haven't had the chance to connect with yet. Overland Missions is also celebrating their 25th year as an origination, so this year is extra special. While staff retreat is a set apart time to relax and enjoy one another, it is also a once of year event so we take time as a full team to cast vision for what is to come. There are trainings and department meetings and logistics to work out, but over all its a good time.

Expeditions & AMT

Applications are open and spots are filling up quickly. If you're interested in going on a short term trip check out our Expeditions and if you're thinking about a career in missions AMT is for you!

Special Prayer Requests

  • Continued grace and endurance as we learn and walk through this busy season

  • Jace, Judah, and Benjamin who are thriving and loving their new school, just covering and protection over them as they learn new things and develop new friendships.

  • Ashly has been dealing with continued health issues for several months with no avail, we are looking to establish with new doctors and holistic medical approach. Prayers for answers and healing over her body.

Photo dump from the last few months

We love you guys & so appreciate your prayers and support. We could not do this without you!


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