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May 2023 - Busy travels

The Latest Updates

In our last newsletter we sent out a list of things that were pretty urgent that we were needing breakthrough in! And wouldn’t you believe it, the Lord is faithful to go above and beyond what we ask.

Things we are so thankful for

  1. We sold our truck, which has been such a financial relief! We have been working on this for months so it feels so good to have such a burden of debt canceled!

  2. We have finished our first year of homeschool. Hooray!

  3. Traveled to California to visit family and it was so nice to catch up for a few days!

  4. Our support team continues to grow, this season has been such blessing as we have had the privilege to connect and minister to folks that we would have never had the opportunity before with our demanding schedules and jobs.


Activities & Travel in the Month of May

Hiking Palo Duro Canyon with a fellow OM Missionary

The Arizona Desert

Family dinner with our cousins from California

California desert

meeting cousins for the first time

sleep overs with friends & donuts


We are 64% funded, with just 36% to go we are confident that we will be funded by the end of June.

We can not launch into our full time assignment until we have raised all of our funding goal at 100%.


Testimonies From Around the World

May Advanced missions Training class has arrived for their 3 month training! This class has 42 students split between 3 nations; Zambia, Mozambique and the Middle East.

Southeast Asia:

“We had a service at a church where the pastor had spent time in prison for planting churches. For this meeting, the church was literally busing people in to the meeting to hear the Gospel. We preached the Gospel and had over 100 first time decisions for Christ, and then we baptized everybody in the Holy Spirit. About two minutes after we were done ministering, the police showed up and tried to shut down the meeting but the Gospel had already been preached,”

Overland missionary from Southeast Asia.

DR Congo:

“In Congo, one cannot reach an area with the Gospel without going through the chiefs. On this day, six chiefs and one chiefteness agreed to meet with us, and we presented what we do as an organization. After that conversation, they had questions. I remember one of the questions were, ‘you know as chiefs, we are forced to inherit demonic powers from our traditions. You cannot be a chief unless you have these instruments of power. What should we do about this since we want to inherit the kingdom of God?’

Our team boldly shared the truth that you have to turn from those things to have Jesus be your Lord and personal Savior. The chiefs responded in amazement and said, ‘this is the message that we want and need. Can you give us one or two more days to organize MORE chiefs because we don’t want to keep this message to ourselves.’”

— Savior, missionary in Congo


“Our team has been ministering all across the nation, working hard to get to remote villages by boat, dirt bikes, 4x4 vehicles, and foot. Our sector missionaries in country are reaching the unreached, working with local pastors to activate believers, and equipping leaders to expand the reach of the Gospel.

From the capitol city to far away villages, people are hungry to hear the Word of God. Area that are traditionally steeped in animism and empty religion are turns toward the Kingdom of God. As an old man recently told our team, “your words have priced my heart. I want to follow Jesus.” This has been the testimony of many remote people as we visit.”

-Overland missionary from Madagascar

**Opportunities have exploded rapidly since Overland hosted the King of kings event. We have country leaders asking us to come to meet with their local traditional leaders to get the gospel to their people. We need more missionaries to hear the call of the Lord and say YES to be sent. The nations are ripe for the harvest!** click the button below to sign up for short or long term trips



  • Our children and marriage - continual growth and covering.

  • That our support raising season, would be fruitful and quick, to be able to get to our assignment soon.

  • The Word Headquarters team

  • Our Expedition teams as they minster the gospel all over the world.

  • AMT - that the people coming into the 3 month training would have their hearts wrecked with the love of the father and for all the staff who get to speak into their lives.

  • Sector missionaries as they continue to build relationships in their local villages, that they would raise up many generations of followers of Jesus, so their villages and countries would be saved and changed.

  • Wisdom, insight and divine connections as we continue to invite folks to our team

  • For our fellow staff members who are also in their support raising season, for encouragement and funds to come in quickly

  • For Overland Staff as a whole as we expand and grow as an organization

  • The King of Kings Center to be fully funded and built on our Rapid 14 base

  • Overlands Airplane to be fully funded and purchased this year


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