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February 2023 - Living out His Faithfulness

Hello friends,

Wow! Can you believe its already February of 2023! Time seems to be speeding up.

These last several weeks have been met with beautiful kingdom partnerships, our faith being stretched way beyond what we thought we had deep inside of us, and a lot of prayer.

Since being home I (Ashly) have been dealing with a lot of strange health issues and we’ve been believing and contending for healing and breakthrough.

Brandon has been picking up a bit of side work as we are in full time support raising season, meeting with financial partners and welcoming them to our team.

We have also been homeschooling and balancing home life as we settle into this short season until we are fully funded and launched into our assignment full time. I share all that to say, the Lord has shown up in ways and through people that have encouraged us and helped us too remember to keep the main thing, the main thing.

When you step out into something you’ve never done before you are met with a lot of opposition and I’m not just referring to spiritual things, but also to our old mind sets and the way we used to do things. But when the time has come for new wine, you can’t pour new wine into old wineskins. So navigating this newness has been beautiful and alot of dying to self and preferences. I know that’s all a bit vague, but if you even been in a season of sudden transition (which I think we can all relate on some level) then you know what I’m referring to.

In a funny way I’m absolutely loving this season of challenge and stretching because it keeps his faithfulness on the forefront of our minds and reminds us that we cannot do anything without Him.

The word is true we can not escape His love.


Tell them about Jesus

We’d love to invite you into what we are doing, we cannot go with out you. Our time is short and the lost people of the world need to know Jesus.

Lets schedule a time to meet, theres so much that Overland is doing in the nations, come be a part of it with us!



  • Our marriage, that its covered and guarded by the Lord

  • Total healing over Ashly’s body

  • Jace, Judah, and Ben to continue encountering Jesus in new ways

  • That our support raising season would be fruitful and quick, to be able to get to our assignment soon

  • Wisdom, insight and divine connections as we continue to invite folks to our team

  • We are believing that the kids will be accepted and enrolled into Merritt Island Christian School in the fall of the 2023/2024 school year

  • For our fellow staff members who are also in their support raising season, for encouragement and funds to come in quickly

  • For Overland Staff as a whole as we expand and grow as an organization

  • The King of Kings Center to be fully funded and built on our Rapid 14 base

  • Overlands Airplane to be fully funded and purchased this year


Interested in going on a short term mission trip?

Our expedition teams are gearing up to head out this year to different countries all over the world.


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