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June 2023 - June's Joy!

June's Joy!

We have so much to be thankful for! The Lord has really been working everything out on our behalf. The old Hymn "Great is the Thy Faithfulness" comes to mind as I sit here and remember all that the Lord has done for us in just the last 4 weeks and really in this season of Ministry Partnership and Development (MPD).

The Lord keeps leading me back to 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 TPT

"Let joy be your continual feast. Make your life a prayer. And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus."

Three things here to take note of:

1. Be Joyful

2. Pray Continually

3.Give thanks in all things

Remaining in these 3 things will destroy every attack that comes our way and will allow us to remain focused on what is really important; loving the Lord with all our heart and loving our neighbor as ourself.

Summer Fun Days + Kids Camp

Jace, Judah, and Benjamin have had a fun filled June! We had our Summer Fun Days at our home church, which is our version of VBS. Brandon and I had the privilege of leading the 4th graders. It was wild, loud, and full of fun. This was our biggest SFD yet, we had 380 students and volunteers.

At the end of the month Judah and Jace went to our churches Kids Kamp, they counted down the days, in anticipation to go to camp! This was Jaces 3rd year of camp and Judahs 1st year. They had a really great time!


Latest Funding Update

Our greatest need right now is monthly partnerships, we've had the privilege to meet with so many of you personally, and it's been a joy. We are asking that you would prayerfully consider joining our team.

We are looking at the end of July to launch into our assignment and we cannot do it without you.

We just want to say a special thank you again to our current partners for praying for us, giving financially and believing in this kingdom work. We are so excited for what is before us!


What The Lord is doing through Overland Missions, around the World.


“These photos depict a 1-day clinic I helped run in a dormant volcanic area. I flew with Mission Aviation Fellowship from Lubango, Angola to Mukwandu, Angola, where an entire people group live on top of the volcano. We set up within a beautifully constructed makeshift clinic, and helped dozens of people understand short and long term, medical issues. We also traveled with military-grade Pelican cases full of various medications that allowed us to treat a whole host of diagnoses.

This is one of the most fun mixtures of Gospel and medicine we engage in, here in Angola,” nurse practitioner and Overland missionary, Rachel H.


Sometimes when pioneering a new area, Holy Spirit busts open a door with a miraculous move. Other times, we simply love the people we meet well and steward even the smallest seeds of hunger that people express. True discipleship is more than a moment, it is a commitment to people. That is what is captured in these photos: the faces of the people we intentionally share life with on the Amazon River and the means we take to reach them.


“The woman you see here had such a tender and open heart to the Gospel. Sometimes you spend hours and hours at a home only to have someone reject the Gospel and other times it barely takes any words at all. As we shared the Gospel with her, she very quickly understood and began repeating back to us the very heart of Jesus. ‘Oh, so it is just about relationship. He just wants to know my heart and I do not need to offer anything.’ Like a light going off; her eyes were bright and wide.

She eagerly accepted Christ and said she was going to surrender her entire life. It made me think of times Jesus spoke in parables in the New Testament and said that to some the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given. I believe this was a gift given to her by the Holy Spirit. The woman then asked for us to walk to her extended family’s house nearby so that we could also share the good news with them. Many there also received Jesus.”

— Ally, expedition leader in Cambodia



  • Transition is right around the corner as we prepare to launch into our assignment, would you cover us and our kiddos

  • The Word Headquarters team - as a whole as we expand and grow as an organization

  • Our Expedition teams + AMT students

  • Sector missionaries as they continue to build relationships in their local villages, that they would raise up many generations of followers of Jesus, so their villages and countries would be saved and changed.

  • Wisdom, insight, and divine connections as we continue to invite folks to our team

  • The King of Kings Center to be fully funded and built on our Rapid 14 base

  • Overlands Airplane to be fully funded and purchased this year

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.
Matthew 9:37-38


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