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August 2023

Hello to all our dear friends and family all over the world. I must apologize we have been a bit radio silent on social media - the month of August had been a big transition, new location, new school, new people, new job, that all came with a major learning curve. We have done our best to be diligent, and to stay focused in the present moment. Its all been amazing and we are so thankful for so many of you checking in on us and praying for us through this time, we definitely feel it!

The kiddos are thriving and have adjusted well to their new school, which is so encouraging. They are loving Florida and the community that we have here, so it takes the edge off of being away from friends and family. They have asked when we are coming back to Texas to visit. So if you would be covering their hearts in prayer that although they may not understand fully the magnitude of what we are apart of, that they will continue to have peace and enjoy our new home.

Overland's Maritime Divison

Brandon had the opportunity to assist with the maintenance of the boat and inspection in preparation for it to be sailed for some recognizance in the upcoming months.

Sending off August's AMT (Advanced Missions Training) Class

Getting to be on this side of sending new students to Zambia and the Middle East, was precious. We had a time of worship, the word and praying over them. The next 3 months they will see the Lord move in ways only you can experience by laying down your life for the gospel. In total there were between 45-50 students of all ages, pray for them as they navigate there time overseas, their lives will be forever changed.


We also received the May AMT class, who had just done their 3 months of training. They came to the World Headquarters to train in Ministry and Partnership Development, this is where the rubber meets the road for alot of missionaries. Getting funded to be able to go out to your assignment is a huge hurdle. This training is necessary for success in preparing budgets, and sharing the heart and vision of what is happening in the nations and how we all get to play a small part in it all. Pray for these guys as they step into this next season, that they will get funded quickly to be able to get to their teams.


WHQ Worship

Brandon and I are helping with our teams weekly worship time. This has been fun and really a sweet time to come together as entire team and just enter into the Lord's presence.

Last week after worship I had the privilege of sharing a word about the importance of our communion with the Lord and that we were made to hear the voice of the Lord. He is the good Sheppard. (John 10)



Brandon and I are currently learning and training on the finance side of OM, and the many, many, maaaaany, things that need to happen, maintain, audit, and process to keep our missionaries in the country they are ministering in. It's rewarding and an honor to be apart of a team that does with such excellence.


OM World Headquarters team


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