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April 2023 - Ministers of the Gospel.

We are all called to share the good news of the gospel no matter where we are in the world. Location shouldn’t be a deterrent in sharing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are living in a hard, hurting, broken, dark and desperate world. They are looking for a savior, they are searching for identity and purpose. Jesus is the only answer to all the questions. He is the water and well. He is everything we need and desire.

What ever mountain you are called to or find your self in right now, we are sent to publish peace.

Be the thermostat and not the thermometer of your environment.

We are sent ones, we have answered the call of the Lord to reach the nations with the good news.


How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed?

And how are they to believe in him whom they have never heard?

And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

And how are they to preach unless they are sent?

As it is written “how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Romans 10:14-15ESV

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

Isaiah 52:7

Behold, upon the mountains, the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace..

Nahum 1:15a

YOU have a part in this, you are the ones who can assist us in getting there. Your role is just as important as the actual going part. We are in need of financial partners to help get us there.


Lastest Updates

We are just a little but over 50% funded (which is fantastic!!) We are confident that we will be funded by June. We have a few things that are pressing;

1. the remainder of our monthly budget to get pledged.

2. our launch fund to be met (things, like moving expenses etc.)

3. We are believing for a new family vehicle, one that is reliable and that we can travel in as a family of five.

4. We are currently selling our Truck and believing for major favor with that

5. to be completely debt free to be able to travel and be free to go where ever the Lord needs us to go!

As you might know the kiddos are set to start Merritt Island Christian School in August. So we are in full faith that we will be in Florida by July to get established in our new assignment and settled before school starts.

What the Lord orders, he pays for! We have already seen so many blessings come in and Lord do what only he can do. We will sing at the top of our lungs how amazing and wonderful he is!

We are wrapping up our homeschool year, which is exciting, we’ve grown and bonded so much as a family and its been a really sweet season. I will defiantly miss it but I know how exacted the kids are to get back into a school at least for a little while.



Whats Happening Around the World

Currently Expeditions and recons are happening, this is where we meet with local leaders in the new areas, minister to them and the people of their villages and plan for teams to come back and canvas the area with the gospel.

In Batoka Zambia our annual Leadership Conference is in full swing. There are about 300 local ministers gathered together packed under a tent being equipped, encouraged, loving on one another, i’m sure sharing meals and worshipping the Lord together.

Our Kids on Fire team just had a week long expedition, where our Zambian kids had the opportunity to minister in Kasukwe village. They saw many lives impacted by the gospel.

We have teams in Brazil in language classes learning Portuguese.

And sooo much more!

Opportunities have exploded rapidly since Overland hosted the King of kings event. We have country leaders asking us to come to meet with their local traditional leaders to get the gospel to their people. We need more missionaries to hear the call of the Lord and say YES to be sent. The nations are ripe for the harvest!


Interested in going on a short or long term mission trip?

Our expedition teams are gearing up to head out this year to different countries all over the world. This is open to anyone, click below to check it out.

Our expeditions teams launch shortly for short term trips to several different nations including: Angola, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Middle East, Mozambique, Nigeria, Southeast Asia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

AMT (advanced missions training) is about to welcome a class in May for 3 months. They are accepting applications for August. I HIGHLY recommend setting aside 3 months of your life, for the Lord and actually see what he is doing all over the world. I promise you will come back changed.



  • Our marriage, that its covered and guarded by the Lord

  • Jace, Judah, and Ben to continue encountering Jesus in new ways

  • That our support raising season would be fruitful and quick, to be able to get to our assignment soon

  • Our Expedition teams launch soon (these are our short term teams), please pray that the spots fill up with people to be able to make a greater impact on the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

  • AMT - that the people coming into the 3 month training would have their hearts wrecked with the love of the father and for all the staff who get to speak into their lives.

  • Sector missionaries as they continue to build relationships in their local villages, that they would raise up many generations of followers of Jesus, so their villages and countries would be saved and changed.

  • Wisdom, insight and divine connections as we continue to invite folks to our team

  • For our fellow staff members who are also in their support raising season, for encouragement and funds to come in quickly

  • For Overland Staff as a whole as we expand and grow as an organization

  • The King of Kings Center to be fully funded and built on our Rapid 14 base

  • Overlands Airplane to be fully funded and purchased this year


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