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A Year In Review & The Beginning of 2024

Look at what the Lord has done!

I just want to start with a quick recap, to look back a remember what all the Lord has done in 2023.

January: we kicked off the year in Florida with MPD training our first Overland Missions conference and staff retreat.

February: We returned to Texas and starting our support raising journey.

March: We traveled back to Florida so the kids could test into the school we were applying for.

April: continued building our team and support raising.

May: traveled to California to see family (It had been 6 years since we'd had a proper visit)

June - July: the kids got accepted into Merritt Island Christian School, their grants that pay for their schooling all got approved, and then we got fully funded to be able to launch into our full time assignment. IT WAS WILD & AMAZING.

August: packed up and headed for Florida, the kids started school the same week we moved there and we got right into the office to starting training.

September - November: honestly.. these months were kinda a blur, we had SO much going on, settling into the new area, new school, and new schedules. I think we blinked and it was Thanksgiving.

December: we took on our first busy season at the World Headquarters, it was wild but we seemed to manage. We have such a fantastic team, so that makes it fun.

As I reflect on this past year, I just see the hand of God on our family. There is no other way that we could have accomplished any of this is our own strength. He's faithful.

January 2024

OM Conference & Staff retreat. This year Overland celebrated 25 years in ministry, so for our staff retreat this year we took over 350 missionaries and their families on a cruise, we all had the best time!

2024 Staff Group Photo

WHQ team meeting during staff retreat.


This conference and staff retreat was a little more special this year, over the last several months we communicate with all of our wonderful staff around the world, from the World Header-quarter. So putting names to faces was great! We had the opportunity to spend time with folks that we have deep relationship with and build new ones!


OM Conference

A little back stage look. I had the privilege of

helping with Hosplitality and the green room

for guest ministers and pastors.

This was our luncheon for parents of missionaries in OM.

One of the evening worship sessions. This year Overland Missions Music will be releasing 11 new songs.


What's coming down the pipeline in 2024!

  • Late summer, as family we will be traveling to Zambia for a short stent.

  • Overland Missions Music will be releasing our new music starting in April, this will be streaming from all platforms.

  • OM will continue to build The Kings center on our Rapid 14 base (look for more info and photos in our end of year report).

  • Overland will also be purchasing an airplane which is needed for the great distances we travel all across Africa.

  • AMT is opening up in other countries where we have established bases, this year is there first year we will have to out a cap on the class sizes maxing out at 75 per class. We are bursting at the seems, which is such a wonderful problem to have!

  • Our teams are reconning several new countries this year, with the goal of planting long term teams.


OMM Song Writing Retreat 2024

In January our Overland Missions Music team locked up together for 3 days. Created together, fellowshipped with one another and just spent time in the presence of the Lord. Collectively we wrote 15 songs, we finished a few of the songs, while others still need to be worked out. It was beautiful and I can't wait for you guys to hear the songs that came out of that weekend!

Check out our Spotify & subscribe to Youtube

New Music will be released in April. Click the links below to check it out.



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